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Planning the in-season microcycle in soccer

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    12/05/2014 at 20:39 #15063

    Being motivated by Fitness in Soccer book by Jan van Winckel et al., I decided to put some of my thoughts on paper regarding the in-season weekly planning. The goal of it is to check my thoughts and solutions with fellow coaches and also being a bit more prepared for future vacancies.

    One thought, maybe unrelated but very important indeed, is the way we acquire planning and management skills as coaches/scientists. Unfortunately most coaching books talk in abstract way and present theoretical and abstract rationale and principles behind training planning and decisions. Not sure if you are aware (someone please correct me if I am wrong here), but other professionals, like lawyers and doctors learn through case-studies. Being influenced by Made to Stick book, I think we need more of these concrete example: this is the problem, these we the objectives and context and here is our solution.

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