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TSB Workbook Con’t

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  • mm
    12/03/2015 at 18:47 #16145

    In the previous video I was talking about two different methods of calculating Training Stress Balance and underlying assumptions. In this short adden
    [See the full post at: TSB Workbook Con’t]

    19/03/2015 at 04:27 #16166

    Really enjoying the view this method brings to looking at loads. Is there any chance you’re able to integrate this into the annual planner 2.0 as an update?

    19/03/2015 at 17:22 #16167


    Good idea. One option is to record your daily loads in monitoring sheet and use that for analysis – it already have two rolling averages.

    I will be releasing much better product that has all of this integrated already. Watch this space! 🙂


    20/03/2015 at 01:13 #16169

    Thanks, I think i’ll work with that for the mean time.

    That’s exciting! Any rough timeframe you can give us as to when you think it will be out? Love your other products so i’m keen to see this one when it’s ready!

    20/03/2015 at 20:59 #16170

    It is pretty much ready. I am just waiting for developers to move it from demo site to the real one.

    21/03/2015 at 23:53 #16171

    based in your table i made for RPE / strain and monotony you think its valid?

    24/03/2015 at 21:40 #16177

    Yes. The only problem might be days off with SD formula. In this case you HAVE to enter 0s are days off

    09/04/2015 at 13:30 #16221

    Do you think it would be valid/essential to combine sRPE loads from GPP sessions with GPS player loads from SPP? Or would it make most sense to just use GPS loads and monitor SPP sessions exclusively? Thanks.

    09/04/2015 at 21:17 #16223

    Not sure I understand the question

    10/04/2015 at 13:19 #16224

    For example: Monday, Wednesday, Friday we practice (SPP) utilizing GPS to monitor Load, and Tuesday & Thursday we have S&C sessions (GPP) utilizing sRPE to monitor load. So within a week we would have 5 days worth of Load values, but from two different methods of monitoring load. In my experience, sRPE values are always higher than GPS Player Loads, all things being equal, I’m wondering if you think it’s valid to combine two different methods of monitoring load? Hope that made sense, thanks.

    10/04/2015 at 19:11 #16225

    Not sure to be honest. sRPE is shown to correlate with “aerobic” activities – not sure how it correlates with tonnage, volume or whatever metric we use for the strength training.

    You can keep two variables or more: GPS loads for SPP and tonnage/volume, amount of work for S&C (strength)

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