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  • 13/08/2021 at 19:33 #33417

    I have a question about collecting training load data in Athlete SR.
    In this section of the course you provided a link to be copied and pasted in Athlete SR Dashboard with some data about training load (Total Distance and High Speed distance):

    How is it possible to collect these kind of data with Athlete SR in order to analyse them into the Dashboard? Maybe I’ve missed some steps, because I thought that Athlete SR gives only the chance to collect surveys. I was wondering if it’s possible also to import training load data from third part software (heart rate monitor software, accelerometer software and so on) or from .csv files to sync them with the dashboard.
    Or the only chance is to create a .csv file, read that with R studio and apply all the analysis manually with the codes that you provided in the course (for example in the “Continuous Analysis” chapter)?
    All the best, Emanuele

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