Framework for Analyzing & Planning the Strength Training

Framework for Analyzing & Planning the Strength Training

I have been extensively studying planning of the strength training, and the article series that resulted from that effort and which cover the “traditional” approach are the following:

  1. Concurrent Strategies in Strength Training – Part 1
  2. Concurrent Strategies in Strength Training – Part 2
  3. Planning the Strength Training – Part 1
  4. Planning the Strength Training – Part 2
  5. Planning the Strength Training – Part 3
  6. Percent-based training vs. Auto-regulatory? Can they be complementary?
  7. ‘Non-Periodized Programs’ – Are They Really Non-Periodized?
  8. Set and rep schemes in strength training
  9. Intensity-Effort Table for Strength Training
  10. Horizontal and Vertical Variations in Strength Training
  11. Reconciling Sheiko and Westside
  12. Planning the Strength Training – The Addendum
  13. 5/3/1 Forever Book Review

When it comes to “non-traditional” approaches (besides Velocity Based Training), such as daily undulating frameworks and “non-divisible” approaches, here are the articles that cover those topics:

  1. Podcast #2: Mike Zourdos on Strength Training
  2. Undulating Programming
  3. More Advanced Daily Undulating Programming
  4. Planning and Programming Strength Training Using DUP Approach
  5. Daily Undulating Framework (DUF)

What does the video below attempts to do is to reconcile everything written about above using a few very simple tools. That way, it represents a very pragmatic and agile tool for planning and analyzing strength training programs. To find out more take a look at the slides on SlideShare website.

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