Will Hopkins – A New View of Statistics [FREE PDF] - Complementary Training
Will Hopkins – A New View of Statistics [FREE PDF]

Will Hopkins – A New View of Statistics [FREE PDF]


I have collected all pages from the New View of Statistics website, put them into one Word document and did some basic editing with the aim of creating printable document.

Since I believe that printing it out is a lot easier to read than reading on website, I asked professor Will Hopkins a permission to share it on Complementary Training. He have agreed to share it, but with the following warning:

Please note that Will updates his website and content, so make sure to check out the website regularly for the updates in the material.

The links in the document are ‘alive’, so you can use those as well to check up the web content.

New View of Statistics is one of the best statistic resource sport scientist can have and I am reading it myself at the moment.



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