Force-Velocity Profiling and Training Optimization Course:

MODULE 3: Measurement – Part 1

In the third module of the Force-Velocity Profiling and Training Optimization Course, I will walk you through practical aspects of setting up for measurement, making sure there is consistency across loads and trials, demonstrating two exercises and utilise two measurement instruments: GymAware and Flex. This module consist of 5 video lectures.

What to measure?

In this video, I am providing a summary of the previous lectures and concentrate on the things we need to measure during the practical session in order to perform the analysis as valid as possible. This list involves the following items:

  • Push-off distance
  • Jump heigh (estimated using take-off velocity, peak velocity, or aerial time)
  • Load
  • Measurement error?

Measurement error is often less talked-about concept, particularly since we approach and analyse our data as it is error-free. I am discussing this topic much, but if interested you can read the vjsim vignettes, as well as the two chapters from my open-source book “bmbstats: bootstrap magnitude-based statistics for the sports scientists” and provided references on the SIMEX procedure.

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