FVP Course: Module 3 – Measurement – Part 2 - Complementary Training

Force-Velocity Profiling and Training Optimization Course:

MODULE 3: Measurement – Part 2

Exercises, Setup, and Instruments

In this video, I am explaining how does the GymAware and Flex works, as well as my thought regarding what should be a jumping position. In research, usually, the jumping position is when the knees hit the 90 degrees, but I want this jump profiling to have as much similarity to a natural jump as possible. For this reason, I am presenting another approach that could be utilized.

One of the utmost importance in Force-Velocity (and Load-Velocity) profiling to keep technique consistent across loads, and usually, this refers to the same starting position, as well as to avoid the counter-movements (for the squat jump profiling). I am explaining how to achieve that with the hex bar and later with the squat jump.

Moving to a more specific exercise, hex bar jump, I am explaining how to estimate the push-off distance using GymAware and Flex.

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