FVP Course: Module 3 – Measurement – Part 4 - Complementary Training

Force-Velocity Profiling and Training Optimization Course:

MODULE 3: Measurement – Part 4

Squat Jump Setup

In this video I am demonstrating how to setup the squat jump for Force-Velocity profiling. To maintain the consistent starting position, I am demonstrating one simple trick I learned from Alex Natera, while we were in the Aspire Academy. Ideally, you want to mark the feet position on the ground, which I have done later in the video.

Besides making sure there is a consistent starting position, we need to estimate the push-off distance. I am demonstrating how that can be achieved using the GymAware and the Flex instruments.

I also discuss differences between hex bar jump and squat jump. The only thing I wished I have done differently is using slightly deeper squat position, which would be more in line with the hex bar jump. These topics are further discussed in the Module 4 of this course.

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