FVP Course: Module 4 – Analysis – Part 1 - Complementary Training

Force-Velocity Profiling and Training Optimization Course:

MODULE 4: Analysis – Part 1

In the fourth and final module of the Force-Velocity Profiling and Training Optimization Course, we will analyze the data collected during the previous module. I will walk you through the data export, preparation, analysis, and visualization, as well as discuss conflicting conclusions and applications of the optimization model. This module consists of 4 video lectures.

Exporting and Preparing Data

In this video, I am demonstrating the GymAware cloud service and showing the power of it when it comes to data analysis. I will also walk you through data checking and exploration, as well as explain what variables to export and how. This same procedure will be repeated for the Flex unit. Although the clouds of GymAware and Flex can be synced, unfortunately my account didn’t have that feature at the time of recording.
Below the video, you can find the raw exported files.

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