How to Use Excel to Automatically Create Reports – Part 1: vLookup

Learn How to Use Excel to Automatically Create Reports

Part 1: vLookup

This is part one of the series where I’m going to look at the creation of basic reports from data. In this first video, I am going to use a body composition data set and perform a simple vlookup to extract the information for a given athlete. Also, I’m going to repeat that process using the Excel table format. The process is the same but the formulas look a lot different.

To learn more, please watch the video below.

Click Here to Download the Example Workbook

I am a former sport scientist, now I just build Excel systems and work with software tools (CRM, Salesforce, PM, Sharepoint) and technology. My day job requires me to sit between the IT department and the sports performance department to make sure that Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Nutritionists, Performance Analysts etc have the hardware and software tools they need to do their jobs. Read More »

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  • 22/09/2016 at 16:28 #18599

    John’s content is awesome. I am doing on of his Vimeo courses and learning a lot. Is there any R course applied to strength coaches? That would be just as awesome.

    Thaks Mladen for all the good stuff you write!

    22/09/2016 at 18:47 #18600

    Hi Sergio,

    Matt Jordan is doing webinar on R:

    If there is interest I could easily do the course. But I think PowerBI is a bit more of a priority 🙂

    11/10/2016 at 21:12 #18672

    Now that I am getting my head around Excel, would you advice following with PowerBI? I have read your “what do you need to be a Sports Scientist other than Sports Science” post and loved it, but there are so many things I don’t know how to rank them on my priority list.

    Thanks a lot!

    28/10/2016 at 19:27 #18758

    Hi Sergio,

    Yes – I would recommend getting familiar with PowerQuery and PowerPivot, which are now PowerBI pretty much.

    04/11/2016 at 11:52 #18807

    I am learning Power BI as you suggested and it’s going to be great for reports! thanks a lot for the recommendation. As far as I know, there is no Power BI Resource for SnC or performance analysts coaches John Lythe style. if you put one together in any format, I’m in 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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