Individualizing Training Using Clustering Algorithms - Complementary Training
Individualizing Training Using Clustering Algorithms

Individualizing Training Using Clustering Algorithms

I have already written regarding the clustering in the following blog posts:

The goal of this blog post is to present a simple solution to “grouping” individuals based on their needs, characteristics and/or goals.

With my recent explorations of the Agile Periodization, I am more and more leaning toward avoiding pre-planned stages/blocks (e.g. hypertrophy phase, max strength phase, power phase and so forth), but rather “bucket” the athletes based on their needs/characteristics and aim at improving the identified rate limiters. This especially makes sense when you are dealing with team sports or a large number of individuals.

Anyway, in this video, I cover how clustering can be performed in R, with the aim of creating 5 similar groups of athletes based on their characteristics.


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