Mesocycles Course – Lesson 1: Programming Structure - Complementary Training
Mesocycles Course – Lesson 1: Programming Structure

Mesocycles Course

Lesson 1: Programming Structure

We are proud to present you Mike Tuchscherer’s Mesocycles Course.

In this initial video, Mike outlines his “Six Steps” necessary for building a training cycle, as well as understanding different frameworks (like a linear, block).

Step 1: Determine the context

In this step, cycle length and special events are determined and serve as a guiding constraint for other steps.

Step 2: Determining your strategy

Step #2 is all about determining strategy. According to Mike, the strategy revolves around answering the question of how to accomplish your goals. Different periodization models utilize a combination of different strategies.

Step 3: Populate the phases

Depending on the strategy selected, in Step #3 we proceed by populating weekly slots. In the figure below, Mike utilizes the linear model.

Step 4: Use the rules to populate

In step #4, additional strategy rules are followed to allow filling of the slots.

Step 5: Fix the problems

Step #5 is more about error or assumptions checking and making sure that the selected rules are likely to be followed without any major conflicts. For example, planning for a heavy week when someone has extra work or exam periods is not the best approach and might create conflicts in plan realization.

Step 6: Repeat for additional fields

Once we are happy with the gross details, additional fields can be populated.

The goal of these 6 Step is to outline a process or a planning framework, rather than off-the-shelf program. Understanding the process that is underlying the training program creation is more important than copy-pasting training programs.

Mesocycle Course

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Lesson 1: Programming structure

Lesson 2: Linear Periodization

Lesson 3: Undulating Periodization

Lesson 4: Block Periodization

Lesson 5: Polarized Training

Lesson 6: Strategy Combinations

Lesson 7: Tapering for Competition

Lesson 8: Hypertrophy Considerations

Lesson 9: Squat Best Practices

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Lesson 11: Deadlift Best Practices


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