Mesocycles Course – Lesson 8: Hypertrophy Considerations - Complementary Training
Mesocycles Course – Lesson 8: Hypertrophy Considerations

Mesocycles Course

Lesson 8: Hypertrophy Considerations

How do you know if you need more muscle mass? Should you be leaner? In this Mesoycles Course episode, Mike Tuchscherer discusses hypertrophy training for powerlifting.

Mike provides a few interesting strategies for deciding whether to gain or lose weight – e.g. by using Wilks score to decide about the optimal strategy, as well as strategies of achieving those goals. Mike explains that the main principle of hypertrophy training is maximizing volume beyond threshold intensity without over-taxing recovery. Using auto-regulation as a tool helps in achieving this principle.

Additional topics, such as Blood Flow Restriction training and Myo Reps are explained, as well as their implementation in the sound powerlifting program.

Mike also discusses different strategies in implementing a hypertrophy program (i.e. concurrent or sequential approach) and their pros and cons.

Mesocycle Course

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Lesson 8: Hypertrophy Considerations

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