Mesocycles Course – Lesson 9: Squat Best Practices - Complementary Training
Mesocycles Course – Lesson 9: Squat Best Practices

Mesocycles Course

Lesson 9: Squat Best Practices

In the next three lessons, Mike Tuchscherer will go into best practices for programming mesocycles for each lift.

In this video, Mike will provide his opinion regarding best practices when it comes to squat, since, according to Mike, squat provides the bedrock for programming understanding.

In Mike’s RTS, squat movement has 3 slots:

Following the general discussion on exercise selection, Mike talks about the criteria for selecting exercises based on assessing weak ROM (range of movement) and weak muscles. Then he follows by discussing training volume, training intensities, RPEs, and frequencies.

Mesocycle Course

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Lesson 1: Programming structure

Lesson 2: Linear Periodization

Lesson 3: Undulating Periodization

Lesson 4: Block Periodization

Lesson 5: Polarized Training

Lesson 6: Strategy Combinations

Lesson 7: Tapering for Competition

Lesson 8: Hypertrophy Considerations

Lesson 9: Squat Best Practices

Lesson 10: Bench Best Practices

Lesson 11: Deadlift Best Practices


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