Microcycles Course – Advanced RTS Concepts Part 1 - Complementary Training

Microcycles Course

Module 5: Advanced RTS Concepts – Part 1

In this module, Mike Tuchscherer continues with the Reactive Training System (RTS) concepts presented in the previous video with the aim of putting more tools in your toolbox (i.e., means and methods).

In RTS, load prescription is based on target reps and rate-of-perceived-exertion (RPE).

Let take prescribed Squats x5 @9RPE as an example. Lifter might proceed in finding the prescribed set (or top set) in the following manner:

  • 150kg x 5 @7
  • 160kg x 5 @8
  • 170kg x 5@9 (top set)

What happens after the top set? Well, that is the topic of this Module.

In Video 1, Mike explains the following three techniques that can be implemented: Load drop, Rep drop, and Repeats. Load drop involves dropping weight on the bar for a specific amount and continue doing the same number of reps. Rep drop involves dropping the number of reps for a specific number but keeping the same weight on the bar. Repeats involve repeating the same set until a certain quality threshold is reached.

Although these techniques are a step forward in individualizing the training load, their specific parameters need to be set according to your specific needs, objective, and context. For example, in the Load drop method, why drop 5% and not 10%? How will that affect the total number of work sets? To help in this decision, Mike provides his rationale in choosing topping the number of works sets based on the top set RPE and Medium stress template (see figure 1 below).

Figure 1

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