Microcycles Course: Exercise Selection – Part 1 - Complementary Training

Microcycles Course

MODULE 2: Exercise Selection – Part 1

In this module, Mike Tuchscherer will teach you (1) how to classify exercises, (2) assess weak ranges of motion, and (3) determine the focus of an exercise. This module consists of three videos, each delving into the aforementioned objectives.

In the first video, Mike is explaining his system and rationale behind exercise classification using the “Jar Metaphor.”

In short, Mike’s classification involves the following classes of exercises:

  • Competition lifts (Rocks)
  • Assistance lifts (Pebbles)
  • Supplemental lifts (Sand)
  • General Exercises (Beer?)

Specificity is not only affected by the exercise selection, but also by rep ranges as well! This is a very interesting and important topic explained in this video.

Microcycle Course

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