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Mike Boyle’s Complete Core

Mike Boyle’s Complete Core

It is quite admirable to watch Mike Boyle apologize to yoga people for being wrong when it comes to importance of breathing. It is also remarkable that Mike, with all his experience under his belt, is still continuously learning and accepting and admitting mistakes. He is also like an information aggregator – he picks up information from various sources, digests it, tries it, and gives a ready to use package.

Mike Boyle’s Complete Core training is no different. If you are worried how to combine all of the recent developments in core training (breathing, PRI – Postural Restoration Institute stuff, DNS – Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization stuff and so forth), look no further. Mike did a great overview of the current concepts and provided a ready to use progression and regression in core training.

I understand that everything in strength and conditioning is like a pendulum – nowadays breathing and “vanilla” work is all the rage, and in the next few years we will see new stuff coming into front pages and this stuff slowly going into less of an emphasis. But this doesn’t decrease the importance of learning about it, since it might be helpful and it might provide you with the different viewpoint and hence help your clients or athletes (or even yourself). Mike Boyle’s core training is a great resource to have if you are strength and conditioning coach or physical therapist.

Anyway, he is doing a great job by explaining why, what and how of thecomplete core training.

In core training course, he addresses:

  • When to train the core
  • How to train the core
  • How much core training should be implemented (volume, reps, time)
  • The role of the core (and real-world anatomy)
  • How breathing is involved and affects the core
  • What to avoid
  • Developmental progressions and regressions
  • Exact exercises to use

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