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Mike Boyle’s Complete Sports Conditioning

Mike Boyle’s Complete Sports Conditioning

I have been an intern at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning facility in Woburn, MA in the summer of 2010. It was a great experience and starting point for launching of my international career. I have also stayed in very good relationship with Mike and I also had an interesting interview with him. Furthermore, I also made a podcast episode with him for the Complementary Training.

Mike has recently published an excellent video course entitled “Complete Sports Conditioning” that covered his philosophy and practicalities of conditioning for sports.

Coach Mike takes you through his latest methods and proven conditioning protocols and breaks down this generally confusing topics. “Complete Sports Conditioning” goes deep into the training needs of athletes and lays out his blueprint for developing an optimal conditioning program.

In conditioning your athletes, you need to know WHY you are doing it, HOW you are going to do it and WHAT you are going to do. How much volume, how many reps, how much rest, at what distance, how much time, at what heart rate, what is the best equipment to use? Complete conditioning gives you the answers to all of those questions and much more. It simplifies your own athletic conditioning program.

In my opinion, these are the points and topics I found the most interesting in this course:

  • If the conditioning program is making your athletes slower – it is not great conditioning program
  • The best choices for conditioning
  • Time based vs HR based intervals
  • Should you let athletes bend over to breath during recovery?
  • Getting the results “oblique” way – focusing on important, but hitting the other goals as well (i.e. cardiac output, strength aerobic method)

I am proud that Mike also mentions my recent article on testing endurance in team sports in the video a few times. I will also selfishly take this opportunity and state that I have created The Shuttle Run Beep Test with COD that was published recently and gained a lot of interest.

Since Mike Boyle is one of the most distinguished members of Complementary Training, who supported us from the very beginning, he was kind enough to provide a 25% discount for “Complete Sports Conditioning” course for all Complementary Training members.

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  • 03/01/2018 at 09:26 #21551

    Hi, Mladen,

    I am a member and just tried to purchase Boyle’s product, but the coupon code listed didn’t change the price of CSC. Can you help?



    17/01/2018 at 12:46 #21717

    Hi Jeff,

    sorry for the late reply, somehow I have missed this question earlier.
    I have just checked and the coupon code works just fine.
    If you still have troubles with it, let me know and we will come up with a solution.


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