Mike Tuchscherer’s Progressive Powerlifting DVD - Complementary Training

Mike Tuchscherer’s Progressive Powerlifting DVD

Mike Tuchscherer’s Progressive Powerlifting DVD

First off I am sorry I am for leaving this blog without posts recently. I will try to update it more frequently and maybe start a training journal here, but at this time I don’t want the readers to see my low numbers in the gym.

I’ve spent last couple of weeks in Belgrade, currently working with my ex pro volleyball player on his GPP, reading some books and research papers I need to finish and watching some instructional/seminar DVDs. Speaking of that I have just finished Mike Tuchscherer’s Progressive Powerlifting DVD.

The DVD lasts under 3 hours, but it is a quick watch. You can find the contents of the DVD on the official page.

This DVD is a companion to Mike’s Reactive Training Manual  and it covers some basic concepts of RTS like RPE, RPE Chart, Fatigue Percents, Frequency/Fatigue template, GPP, etc. But the most important part of this DVD is the construction of the macrocycle (according to Mike’s terminology a time period between two competitions) for the advanced lifters (more about classification of the lifters and planning/programming needs can be found in Planning the Strength Training article).

The construction of the macrocylce starts from the big picture and follows to more and more tiny details finishing up with the workout planning. The RTS implements some of the ideas of sport form development (peaking), individualization, Block periodization, training load/stress alternations and training intensity variations. This puts the RTS on the highest level of planing for most advanced lifters.

Mike also goes into covering unpredictable factors like travel, or anything else that can move you away from the gym for couple of days or a week, and how can a certain solution be valuable in this situations. 

I am amazed by the simplicity and the complexity at the same time of the RTS, but also by Mike’s knowledge of the planning and programming of training for powerlifting and training in general. 

Mike Tuchscherer’s Progressive Powerlifting DVD is highly recommended for all strength athletes and coaches who are interested into planning and programming of training not only for powerlifting but in general. Great job Mike!

Now I am going to watch other part of this Progressive Powerlifting Seminar by Sheiko expert Eric Talmant. I am also expecting quality information by Eric. 

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