Naming the HIT Drills - Complementary Training
Naming the HIT Drills

Naming the HIT Drills

I love the idea of naming certain drills/workouts (like Crossfit does using female names) because it is easier for the athlete to ‘personalize’ them and remember them. So, instead of saying we are going to do 30:30 intervals at 100:70% MAS, it might be easier to say “Boys, get ready for Bloody Mary”.

In the table below I have presented couple of HIT variations, including SIT (Sprint Interval Training, a.k.a Anaerobic Power/Capacity) and RST (Repeat Sprint Training). Think of those at tools in your toolbox – Long HIT, Short HIT, SIT, RST.

One interesting ‘finding’ is that ‘playing’ with work:rest and active:passive we are able to come up with different variations. This might be important boredom wise, if nothing else.

What I was thinking to do is to name these drills/exercises using (a) girl names, (b) cocktail/spirit names, (c) work tools, (d) guns or (e) anything else manly. If you have some ideas be free to put it down in comments.


MAS stands for Maximum Aerobic SpeedMean %MAS is average/mean intensity of the drill taking duration and intensity of both rest and work periodsFor passive rest I have took walking and approximated it to 30% MAS (which is later used in Mean %MAS calculus)Also, make sure to read the best review paper on HIT by Martin Buchheit and Paul Laursen

High-intensity interval training, solutions to the programming puzzle: Part I: cardiopulmonary emphasis.

 High-Intensity Interval Training, Solutions to the Programming Puzzle : Part II: Anaerobic Energy, Neuromuscular Load and Practical Applications.

HIT me with the names/ideas! 🙂

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