Advance Monthly with New Standard Members Benefits

Advance Monthly with New Standard Members Benefits

For all of you who have decided to join our community and network, we’ve prepared NEW benefits that await you for each level as you progress with your standard membership.

If you’re still thinking about whether to subscribe, it’s a no-brainer! We’ve got a 7-day FREE trial period for you to browse through our knowledge base, check out fantastic material available for all our members, and decide if it’s the right thing for you!

Even at this first step, you will get a FREE bonus, Google Sheets for Sports Science course, which saves you 75$ alone! Sounds great, right?

Making this valuable content available (courses, books, tools, and apps) for FREE is our way to reward your dedication – as you progress and learn over time. This way, you will have access to all our standard material for only 35$ a month, and save tons of cash on bonus material.

Every 35 days, your membership level automatically increases, and new bonuses are available to you.

Check out the standard levels below and the NEW bonuses you can add to your professional arsenal.

7-Day Free Trial

While you are trying out our community and all the exciting content that is available only for our members, the first bonus you will instantly get is:

  1. Google Sheets for Sports Science Course – Save $75

Standard Level 1

So, you’ve decided to join – awesome! The first month of membership gets really exciting with all the bonuses that come along!

  1. AthelteSR – Save $50 per month
  2. Lean Annual Planner – Save $30
  3. Excel Tricks for S&C Coaches: Beginner to Advanced Course – Save $40

Standard Level 2

The second month in, you can unlock and watch the following course for FREE!

  1. Force-Velocity Profiling and Training Optimization Course – Save $150

Standard Level 3

After 3 months, means you’re serious about this, so prepare for another FREE boost:

  1. Strength Training Manual eBook: Volume One – Save $30
  2. Strength Training Manual eBook: Volume Two – Save $30
  3. G-Strength Program – Save $35

Standard Level 4

This is a level you reach after 105 days in our community, and it saves you an amazing 200$!

  1. Athlete Monitoring: Data Analysis and Visualization Course – Save $200

Standard Level 5

It is time to equip yourself with a HIIT pack! You will surely appreciate these FREE bonuses!

  1. HIT Builder – Save $75
  2. HIIT Manual eBook – Save $30
  3. Shuttle Run Beep Test – Save $15

Standard Level 6

After half a year in, this is the next course you unlock for FREE:

  1. Microcycles Course – 100$

Standard Level 7

Now that you learn how things work, this aswome tool is the next you unlock for FREE:

  1. Movement Prep – 120$

Standard Level 8

Even veterans like you still need to boost their skills, so here is the bonus you can download in the 8th month of your membership:

  1. Mesocycles Course – 100$

Standard Level 9

Check out the bonuses you unlock after 245 days in our community:

  1. Annual Planner for Sports – 75$
  2. Super Total – 35$
  3. Balancing Physical & Tactical Load in Soccer eBook – 20$

Standard Level 10

Stay tuned! We’re preparing more surprises for the most vigilant of you… And we won’t stop!


Where can I check my current membership level?

You can check your current membership level in the following way. After logging into your account, you will be redirected to the blog page. After that, click once again on the login menu item, and the login page will display your membership level information.

How can I download the mentioned products for free?

In order to download the products for free, please login to your account as a member and select the “Store” item from the top menu. A Download button will be displayed when the page is loaded under each product. Click on it to download the desired product.

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