New Product – G-Strength Program - Complementary Training
New Product – G-Strength Program

G-Strength Program

“I need a generic program, something that I can start with and later adapt to my progress, preferences, and context. Something simple”

G-Strength Program is EXACTLY that!

It is a Microsoft Excel strength program builder that follows your own predefined template, but also a concrete strength program that you can immediately implement.

G-Strength Program comes with the ability to create 2-day, 3-day, 4-day, 5-day, and 6-day templates with a total of 11 programs that are ready to print.

In the G-Strength Program, you can define your own buckets (i.e., movement patterns like upper body pressing, lower body kneed dominant movements) for ballistic, grinding, conditioning themes, and follow up defining main, supplement, and assistance movements and set and rep schemes.

Once you define the above, you can populate program slots for the aforementioned 2 to 6-day workouts.

The short video below will give you more details:

The G-Strength Program is a simple, yet very flexible strength program builder that can be modified to suit very complex needs and allow for quick workouts generation and provides a large number of print-out cards.

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