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    Planning the Strength Training – The Addendum

    I have recently stumbled on Dan John’s books (even if I have read his book Never Let Go in 2009) and I must admit that this article/addendum was highly influenced by him. “When the student is ready, the teacher will come”. If you have asked me about Dan John years ago I might have quoted Albert Einstein: “Make things simple, but not simpler”
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    Interview With Me by Steve Olson

    Interview With Me by Steve Olson This is reprint of the interview done by Steve Olson for Science of Sports Performance. SO: Mladen, how did you enter sports performance training, and what specifically got you so interested in periodization and program design MJ: I think I somehow “stumbled” on it. I came from the “nerd” background (although I have always been […]
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    Excellent Resources

    Blog posts and interviews - Papers - New and upcoming books on training and on data analysis - Books I am reading on productivity and performance management.

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