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    Agile Periodization Manifesto [Part 2]

    In the previous installment I explained the concept of Agile periodization as opposed to “traditional” one (i.e waterfall) and covered one of the two main cycles – Training block.
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    Agile Periodization Manifesto (Part 1)

    There are NO given set and reps schemes, block/phases, terminology, progressions and so forth associated with Agile Periodization – what is there are defined processes that you can use with your own planning and your own approaches. Agile Periodization is about learning and finding the best possible solution(s) for your own problems while taking into account risks and uncertainties.
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    Twelve Principles of Agile Periodization

    Twelve Principles of Agile Periodization The Agility in Planning (i.e. Agile Periodization) is my current hot-topic and something I am trying to understand, shape and deliver. It is work in progress and something I will try to write about more frequently as it is being shaped into something more than a set of thoughts. I believe it is nothing new […]
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    More thoughts on Agile Planning/Periodization

    More Thoughts on Agile Planning/Periodization I would like to continue the discussion I began with Agile Planning in Sports Training screencast couple of weeks ago and provide some more random thoughts. I am also reading one great book called The Science of Successful Organizational Change that “merges” various ideas from popular leadership/productivity/change sources, risk management and Nassim Taleb works, and wrap it […]
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    How to Deal With Unpredictable Clients/Athletes (The Agile Way)

    I am sure that most of you encountered the following (frustrating) situation – you do your best to create custom workout for your client/athlete, and then they bail on you, skip the trainings or do the workouts in the order that suits them best (in their own opinion).
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    Football Periodization: Review and Opinions

    I recently joined my old club FK RAD as S&C coach, helping them with the pre-season. Having the skin in the game again, it made me realize that there are a lot of things that struggle me and I don’t have a clear checklist for dealing with them. So, I will most likely be trying to organize my thoughts in some type of the manual (written mostly for me, since that type of work allows me to see weak links in my reasoning, besides defining my own standardized work which I could use to be more agile about).
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    Comments on Agile Planning and Scrumban Boards Posts

    Comments on Agile Planning and Scrumban Boards Blog Posts Danilo Tambone, who is Agile and Project Management expert and the author of Udemy course (which I recommend checking) was kind enough to give me feedback on my recent articles/videos on Agile implementation in training. I always welcome feedback, positive or negative, and I am especially receptive to this topic since […]
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    Agile Planning in Sports Training

    There is another way to look at training planning taking into account “modern” constraints imposed on athletes and coaches, along with managing uncertainty and risk that more traditional approaches suffer from. Find all about this in 40+ min screen cast.
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    Managing the High Performance Teams – Part 2

    Unfortunately, or luckily, in High Performance Teams, there are multiple coaches that need to be consulted for the optimal schedule (and its changes). Besides, if we follow the ideas of the Agile Periodization, then we are constantly updating the plan in iterative manner, and these updates need to be the result of the Sprint meetings. This demands that the plan should be accessible by multiple coaches at the same time.
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    The Best of Complementary Training in 2016

    Here is my list of the best articles of Complementary Training in 2016: 1) What Do You Need to Know as a Sport Scientist Besides Sport Science (Addendum); 2)New Exercise Classification; 3) Managing (High) Performance Teams Using Scrumban Boards; 4) Agile Periodization: Concepts and Ideas; 5) Grand Unified Theory of Sport Performance; 6) ...

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