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  • circuits-combos-and-complexes-part-2-face

    Circuits, Combos, and Complexes – Part 2

    In the second part of this article series, Mladen goes deeper into the objectives and implementation of the circuit training and presents an atoms-molecules crystal approach in designing the circuit training.
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    Circuits, Combos, and Complexes – Part 1

    In this article, Mladen explains the differences between complexes, combos, and combined exercises as special variants of the circuit training, as well as enlisting one of the most popular complexes by Istvan Javorek and Dan John.
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    The Badger Protocol: Grease the Groove with isoSandwich

    You can probably identify with the following scenario: strength training hiatus due to (a) long-term travel, (b) injury, (c) boredom and lack of motivation being fed up from previous pushing phase, or generally (d) due to lifestyle change. And now you want to get back to the gym, slowly cooking, greasing the groove. Enter the Badger.
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    Conceptualizing Philosophy in Strength & Conditioning: The Barbell Strategy and Risk

    In this article, Adriano outlines Taleb’s Barbell Strategy for Risk in Financial Investment and details how high-performance sport programs may benefit from categorizing the risk potential of individual training elements to safeguard sustainability and promote aggressive growth.
  • Mladenverse

    Mladenverse: Collection of R Packages

    2020 was a tough year for many. I took the lockdown as an opportunity to finish some old projects, start new ones, and learn new skills.
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    Athlete Monitoring: Data Analysis and Visualization – Module 1

    In this first module, I will provide a “Big Picture” overview of what athlete monitoring is, as well as introduce a few theoretical models that guide my rationale and inferences.
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    Narrative Approach to Training

    The training process is often compressed into talk of physiology, stress, biomechanics, and science. These technically are framing devices for one thing, ‘change.’ With any training cycle, technically being about manifesting favorable change in an athlete. Athletes, often do not think like this. They think in the narrative that plants them as the hero of their own story.
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    Investing In Yourself Is One Of The Major Keys To Success

    Investing time in yourself is the only safe investment that will give you maximum return throughout life. In this article, we will break this down.
  • the-integrative-approach-to-strength-and-conditioning-face

    The Integrative Approach to Strength and Conditioning

    On reading both early and contemporary research, books and case observations, as well as when attending conference presentations, lectures and consultancies, one is amazed by the diversity of models, theories, philosophies, rationales and approaches to address similar problems.
  • STM-paperback-face

    Strength Training Manual Paperback Edition

    Happy to announce the paperback and Kindle edition of the Strength Training Manual, Volumes One and Two. It is soft-back, 500 pages, with more than 300+ figures and tables.

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