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    Strength Training Manual eBook: Volume One

    Strength training has always been a significant component of physical preparation for athletes and recreational athletes. Strength training seeks improvements in strength performance, looking fabulous when naked, injury prevention as well as transfer to other sporting activities. Planning ideas, approaches, and philosophies in strength training is also an excellent vehicle for understanding overall planning strategies and training theories in general due to more straightforward quantification of the training load and easily observed performances.
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    Strength Training Manual: Planning – Part 3

    This part is where the fun begins. I explain the basics of the set and reps schemes by defining their "anatomy", organization of the exercises in the workout by reviewing a bunch of supersets, and provide a model for classifying set and rep schemes based on objectives, prescriptiveness, volume, toughness and "methodology".
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    Strength Training Manual: Planning – Part 2

    What are Minimum Effective Dose and Maximum Tolerated Dose? Can they be objectively quantified and used when planning strength training? In this article I am explaining why they can't as well as what might be a better concept to use as forum for action.
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    Strength Training Manual: Planning – Part 1

    What is training dose? What components does it consist of? How should it be estimated? Are subjective ratings such as RPE useless? How should training dose be distributed across time and toward different qualities? Find out in the following article.
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    Strength Training Manual: Prescription – Part 3

    How do we aggregate the training dose? What are the pros and cons of different dose metrics? How do we predict 1RM from training data? What is “exertion load” metric, and why is it useful? How should the ballistic Load-Exertion table be adjusted? Find answers to these questions, and much more in the following article.
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    Strength Training Manual: Prescription – Part 2

    In this part I will cover total system load vs. external load, how to compare individuals, percent-based approach to prescribing training loads as well as other prescription methods.
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    Strength Training Manual: Prescription – Part 1

    Before diving deep into the planning section, it is important to understand the basis of the percent-based approach to strength training, particularly what these percentages are based upon, how to test 1RM and prescribe a training while using it as a reference point, how to compare individuals and other topics.
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    Strength Training Manual: Exercises – Part 2

    In this part, I will continue the discussion on exercise classification and introduce the slot concept, functional units, and very useful conversion tables and matrix. Conversion matrix is very useful heuristic tool to figure out approximate 1RM of the assistance exercises.
  • strength-training-manual-exercises-part-1-face

    Strength Training Manual: Exercises – Part 1

    What is the point of exercise classification? To impress girls with differentiating between exercises for the long and short head of the biceps muscle? To pass the biomechanics class exam? None of this, of course. The purpose of classification is not to create a place of things, but a forum for action.
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    Optimal vs. Robust: Applications to Planning Strategies

    Ivan Jukic and I just published preprint paper on SportRxiv that explores the behavior of common load planning strategies when facing random missing sessions (MCAR; missing completely at random) using simulation in R language. This paper represents a more academic and formal continuation of my discussion regarding planning for unpredictable clients/athletes.

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