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Predicting Performance Using Rolling Averages

Predicting Performance Using Rolling Averages

I wrote before on using Banister model to predict performance and injury from training load. In the video below I am talking about using rolling averages to predict performance, as well as explaining differences between supervised & unsupervised learning and model overfit.

Members can download the Excel workbook below the video and follow the “exercises” and play with the data and Solver/Optimizer themselves.
I highly suggest checking Data Smart book for more info on using the Solver/Optimizer in Excel.

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  • mm
    16/09/2015 at 07:48 #16500


    Is it possible to provide a copy of the performance dataset that you demonstrate here? I cannot find the same one within the Skiba datasets. Also the manipulation of training load from W to AU is confusing with your example being much clearer.


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