Prescribing Strength Training for Team Sports – Part 2 - Complementary Training

Prescribing Strength Training for Team Sports – Part 2

In this part, I will start the discussion on load prescription. Since it is a long discussion, I will break it into 4 videos covering the following topics:

  • Open sets via Training Log
  • Open sets via Training Card
  • Subjective ratings (eRIR)
  • Velocity-Based Prescription
  • Percent-based via Testing
  • Percent-based via Iteration

In the following video, I will discuss the first three points from the above list, as well as discuss the concept of quality control.

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I am a physical preparation coach from Belgrade, Serbia, grew up in Pula, Croatia (which I consider my home town). I was involved in physical preparation of professional, amateur and recreational athletes of various ages in sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, martial arts and tennis. Read More »

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