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High-Level Preparation & Training Program Generator for Individualized Athlete Progress with Built-In Player Report

Any strength and conditioning or physical preparation coach knows how much time it takes to prepare an individual training program for a single athlete. With a sports team, this time scales to multiple hours or even days if you want to do the job right. A unified program for the whole team can save you some time. However, you will definitely lose a certain quality level you aspire to achieve.

When you create a preparation and training program, ideally, you will consider every athlete’s current physical condition, history of injuries, and results you want them to achieve to maximize the training effects and minimize the risk of future injuries. The best way to do this is to individualize a program for every single athlete. This is when Movement Prep comes into play.

Movement Prep enables you to create high-level sets of training & preparation programs for any number of athletes, and the best part is that every program is individualized. This process would usually take you a considerable amount of time (30 minutes per player), but with Movement Prep, it drops to just several minutes. How is this possible?
Movement Prep is a very slick excel tool, with 150+ programs that combine 225+ exercises for advanced physical preparation. This allows you to create targeted programs very quickly (training preparation, rehab programs, MD activation programs, programs for postural issues, and many more). Programs within the file can be modified, saved, and exported to PDF anytime, which means that over time you will manage this process even faster.

Athletes will get a carefully designed PDF with exercise pictures and video tutorial links included, and it can be done on a daily basis. You can also use the Player Report feature to enter your athlete’s test results and send feedback to the main coach, manager, or athlete, also as a printable PDF.

Main features of Movement Prep include:

  1. 150+ preset exercise programs
  2. 225+ hyperlinked exercises are already in the file
  3. Different Mobility/Hamstrings/Quad/Adductor/Core/Aqua Bag exercises
  4. Build Rehab or any other program that you need
  5. Add new exercises anytime (pics, hyperlinks)
  6. No need for an internet connection
  7. Export programs and reports to PDF
  8. Change the template layout with one click

Please use the video tutorial to learn how this tool works.

Instructional Video


** Note – Please consider decreasing the size of pictures because Excel may not work properly when the size reaches over 15Mb.

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