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Shuttle Run Beep Test

Shuttle Run Beep Test


Testing endurance in team sports has never been easy. There are multiple ways to do it, some of which are more or less sport- or training-specific, and some are more or less useful in prescribing training.

The shuttle run beep or bleep tests have been a staple in testing endurance in team sports, but since they didn’t implement corrections for CODs (changes of direction) and have used exact beeps from straight-line versions of the beep test (UMTT or VamEval), which resulted in lower MAS (maximum aerobic speed) scores, and that made them pretty much useless in prescribing the HIT (High-Intensity Training) conditioning.

This version of the shuttle run beep test implements corrections for the CODs, which makes it usable in prescribing both long-distance and shuttle-based HIT conditioning.

The MAS score reached in the COD-corrected shuttle run beep test can now be used in both long-distance and shuttle-based conditioning with our corrected beep test.

In addition to this product, you will get 6 compiled beep test versions and the R source code, so you can compile your own version if needed.

Here are the beep test versions:

  1. Original 20m Beep Test
  2. Beep Test 20m with COD correction
  3. Beep Test 28m NBA with COD correction
  4. Beep Test 28m FIBA with COD correction
  5. Beep Test 16m with COD correction
  6. Beep Test 30m with COD correction
  7. NEW – Beep Test 20m with COD corrections (For Big Boys – 1.2sec per turn)

With this product, you are also getting the HIT Guide webinar and Excel sheet. The article “Testing Endurance for Team Sport Athletes” in PDF version is included as well.

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