R for Sport Scientists – Fundamentals Course: Vectors - Complementary Training
R for Sport Scientists – Fundamentals Course: Vectors

R for Sport Scientists – Fundamentals Course

Lecture 3: Vectors

Everything in the R language is an object. This includes expressions, names, functions, and everything else. Always keeping this in mind greatly helps in understanding and writing R code. This is something I wish someone told me when I started learning R – it would make my life much easier. Unfortunately, most of us start learning R through statistics, rather than through language definition prism.

In this lecture, I will provide you with a must-needed knowledge of understanding the R objects with special attention to the vectors.

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Course Overview

Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: Installation

Lecture 3: Vectors

Lecture 4: Subsetting

Lecture 5: Control Flow

Lecture 6: Functions

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