Horizontal~Vertical Variations in Strength Training

Horizontal~Vertical Variations in Strength Training

In this video I go through some articles I’ve wrote on strength training periodization and planning, and overview awesome and must read article by Greg Nuckols: In Defense of Program Hoppers – DUP Revisited, which is one of the best strength training programming posts I have read lately. Why? Because it shed some light on other issues and brings paradigm shift from solely biological/physiological processes and training effects to something that seems usually forgotten: mental/psychological reasons. That article really struck cord with me and enabled me to outline some of the thoughts that have been spinning in my head lately.

I am also talking about “categorization” (or “bucketing”) we use and how it creates everything down the road, as well as mentioning the “fractal approach” to training programming and periodization. I introduce two concepts (nothing new, just another way to formulate the issues) – horizontal and vertical variations in training.

If you are interested in Daily Undulating Periodization, strength training, variability and periodization in general, you will find this video interesting. I welcome all the comments and critiques.


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