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Great Articles on Velocity Based Training

Great Articles on Velocity Based Training

Recently there is a HUGE interest in Velocity Based Training (VBT), especially with the growth of more affordable measurement devices and growth of wearable devices that uses algorithms (machine learning) to estimate barbell velocities from accelerometer data.

Step one is to evaluate the validity, reliability and sensitivity of these wearable technologies against gold standards in VBT. Step two would be to evaluate certain principles of VBT on representative sample – this might include the reliability and usefulness of daily 1RM, velocity-exertion relationship and so forth. I would say VERY fruitful area for both practice and research and I am currently looking for PhD option on this very topic.

Without sounding like Carl Valle, I believe that future will bring good algorithms that can create custom-tailored workouts based on the goals, athlete profile and reaction to get the biggest bang for the bucks. I have some ideas about this and I am working on some concepts. I am not the greatest programmer, but I can do some basic machine learning. Watch this space.

Anyway, Carl Valle and Christopher Glaeser of FreelapUSA contributed to VBT field by doing round-table interview with Bryan Mann, Mike Tuchscherer, Dan Baker and yours truly on this very topic. I am reposting the links to the interviews below.


Bryan Mann


Mladen Jovanovic


Mike Tuchscherer


Dan Baker


Carl Valle


Also, my friend and co-author Eamonn Flanagan wrote an article on VBT for the PUSH blog. Please make sure to read it by clicking on the picture below.




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