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  • rethinking-performance-training-and-agile-periodization-part-5-face

    Rethinking Performance Training & Agile Periodization – Part 5

    In this final video I am covering applications to planning, or Agile Periodization concept, utilizing Nassim Taleb “Barbell Strategy”, heuristic approach by Gerd Gigerenzer, MVP ideas (Minimum-Viable-Performance and Minimum-Viable-Program), iterative planning and randomization.
  • rethinking-performance-training-and-agile-periodization-part-4-face

    Rethinking Performance Training & Agile Periodization – Part 4

    Starting with this part, I am showing how this can be applied using Agile Periodization framework. In this particular episode I am expanding on Cynefin model, Risk vs Uncertainty and three starting questions of Agile Periodization.
  • strength-training-manual-agile-periodization-and-philosophy-of-training-face

    Strength Training Manual: Agile Periodization and Philosophy of Training

    Agile Periodization is a planning framework that relies on decision making in uncertainty, rather than ideology, physiological and biomechanical constructs, and industrial age mechanistic approach to planning.
  • rethinking-performance-training-and-agile-periodization-part-3-face

    Rethinking Performance Training & Agile Periodization – Part 3

    Continuing the previous video on the topics of quality, constructs, rate limiters, bottlenecks, as well as how we use them to approach planning, I am expanding the discussion and dig more into phenomenology and Grand Unified Theory of training.
  • rethinking-performance-training-and-agile-periodization-part-2-face

    Rethinking Performance Training & Agile Periodization – Part 2

    In this video I am continuing the discussion on what defines qualities and rate limiters, and how different levels on analysis can produce different constructs or building blocks that are later used to build periodization models.
  • rethinking-performance-training-and-agile-periodization-part-1-face

    Rethinking Performance Training & Agile Periodization – Part 1

    In the following video series I will share my current philosophy of performance training and Agile Periodization. The first episode deals with the concepts of Quality, Rate Limiters, Interventions and three levels of analysis: phenomenological, performance and physiological.
  • Baner FB

    HIIT Manual: High Intensity Interval Training and Agile Periodization

    I am more than happy to announce that my first book is finally available for pre-order at Ultimate Athlete Concepts website. Shipping of the book will commence in a week or so, and it will also be available on Amazon.com
  • decision-making-under-uncertainty-part2-face

    Agile Periodization: Decision Making Under Uncertainty [Part 2]

    In the first part I have covered issues and limitations of the contemporary planning/periodization strategies, and the idea that as practitioners we need to figure out how to make good decisions when facing uncertainties. In this final part, I am providing potential solutions to the issues identified.
  • agile-periodization-decision-making-under-uncertainty-part1-face

    Agile Periodization: Decision Making Under Uncertainty [Part 1]

    In May, 2017, I gave a guest lecture at Faculty of Kinesiology at Zagreb University in Croatia, thanks to the invitation by Cvita Gregov. The topic of my talk was Agile Periodization, a framework that I have been developing over the past few years. Since I already had the slides ready, I slightly modified them and decided to record the whole thing in English.
  • agile-face

    Agile Periodization: Concepts and Ideas

    In my mind, most of the planning strategies in performance environments comes from Complicated “quadrant” (see Tylor’s Scientific Management), where things are seen as “mechanical” where A causes B. Unfortunately, or luckily, performance environment are more in Complex domain end demand different planning strategies and decision making. I try to cover that in this video.

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