Strength Card Builder v3.1 and FREE Annual Planner

Strength Card Builder v3.1 and FREE Annual Planner

It has been exactly a year since I developed Strength Card builder (v3.0) and to be honest I haven’t been using it much during that time, or at least during the last 6 months. I’ve forgotten how great and useful that Excel workbook is – I even suggest it works better on Mac Excel (because drop down is always the same size and much more visible).

Here is the instructional video for those who are not familiar with this great tool for creating strength card printouts.


With 200+ exercises (completely customizable) and 100+ set and reps schemes (also completely customizable) there is no better tool at the market today (as far as I am aware, at least not for this price).

The latest update fixes bugs that we discovered by Johan Lindstrøm and Nathan Young (thanks a lot guys, really appreciate it). Here is the description of the fixes:

 Previous version: 3.0
 Date of the previous version: 3. April 2014
 Update date: 31.3.2015

1. Tab "Tier 6x5", Workout C, Tier 4 started from the first set in set and rep scheme, instead from 4th set

2. Tab "Tier 3x5" under Tier 4 exercises for all three days started from the first set in set and rep 
scheme, instead from 4th set

The new version is 3.1 and is working perfectly. If you are Premium member make sure to go to Products page and download your FREE copy. For everyone else, make sure to visit our store and get this amazing tool 



Since it is the new Complementary training website anniversary, I am giving the Annual Planner (without Analytics) for FREE. Please share this page to download (see below)


Product - Annual Planner for Sposts


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