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  • Hamstring Functioning During Running (Part 2): Implications for Exercise

    By on 30/05/2018

    The possible predominantly isometric hamstring functioning and suggested mechanisms of injury have several implications for training. Most prominently, high-intensity isometric training and training of intermuscular coordination (e.g., lumbo-pelvic control) may be important to reduce injury risk and improve performance in addition to eccentric training.

  • Hamstring Functioning During Running (Part 1): Eccentric or Isometric?

    By on 19/05/2018

    Hamstring injuries are one of the most common and severe injuries in sports that involve high-speed running such as soccer. As a result, there is great interest in the prevention and rehabilitation of hamstring injuries.

  • Force-Velocity Curves – the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

    By on 28/02/2018

    The force-velocity relationship is central to many theories of training, as well as in various practical approaches. For instance, in Zatsiorsky’s “Science and Practice of Strength Training” (1) — which, in my opinion, is one of the few Eastern European manuals that’s actually comprehensible by us ‘westerns’ — there is a pretty figure (see below) which shows that various...

  • Sprint & Tempo Profile

    By on 28/10/2017

    After spending hours listening to John Lythe’s YouTube tutorials, Excel Tricks For Sports, along with being inspired by Mladen’s excel wizardry, check out Strength Card Builder 4.0 (it will literally save you hours), I decided to make a template which track coaches could use with their athletes.

  • Velocity Based Training Tips for Newbies: VBT Quick Start Guide

    By on 19/10/2017

    Using velocity measurements to inform your training decisions can be confusing and challenging if you are unfamiliar with the why’s and the how’s of a VBT program. I’ll discuss that and more in the rest of this article.

  • Latest on Load Monitoring [Video & FREE Templates]

    By on 28/09/2017

    Sean Williams was kind enough to provide short review of the recent load monitoring workshop, held at the World Rugby Science Network Conference, as well as to provide full slides and Excel templates. This is tremendous resource for those interested in injury prediction analytics.

  • The Governing Dynamics of Coaching – A Unified Field Theory of Sport Preparation

    By on 24/08/2017

    Mladen and I first generated our correspondence sometime in 2003/2004 and I am glad to see how Mladen has developed professionally and to observe his success. I wrote this post for Mladen’s website and audience to provide an overview of my latest book “The Governing Dynamics of Coaching - A Unified Field Theory of Sport Preparation”.

  • Sprint Variability Profiling: New Insights From Speed Testing Data

    By on 18/06/2017

    The typical approach for speed assessment of team sport athletes is to test athletes over a 40 m distance with their “output” tracked at various 10 m intervals in between – giving the coach 10 m, 20 m, 30 m and/or 40 m sprint times. Often in the team sport environment we look...

  • ‘Cool Story, Bro’ – The Fallacy of Training Systems and Conventional Wisdom on Training Prescription

    By Paul Gamble on 25/05/2017

    Let us begin with a revelation: athletes are humans not machines. If we start with such a fundamental understanding of the nature of what we are dealing with, it quickly becomes apparent that the challenge of planning and prescribing training for athletes is not conducive to a ‘machine’ approach.

  • Manifest: Against Pseudoscience-infected Training Theory and Methodology

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 07/05/2017

    This is not a scientific article, and it is not intended to be. This is a manifest, an expression of our concerns with some practices related to Sports Training. Some outrage and sarcasm might be evident throughout the text; we do not drawback from it, as we think emotions play an important role and may aid in passing the...