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  • ACLR Post-Op Diary – Week 2

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 15/12/2023

    Week 2 of my ACLR Post-Op Diary: Discover my journey of recovery with detailed insights into my daily routines, from walking drills to isometric holds. See how I manage pain and progress with my rehabilitation exercises.

  • ACLR Post-Op Diary – Week 1

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 29/11/2023

    In this article, I share my challenging road to recovery, from a severe motorcycle accident to the decision to undergo surgery. This post is a perfect read for those facing similar challenges or interested in sports medicine and rehab.

  • Hamstring Injury Prevention in Soccer

    By on 30/03/2020

    In this small presentation, Efthymios Kyprianou (S&C coach) presents his thoughts on hamstring injury prevention in soccer.

  • Return to Play in Elite Sport Following ACL Injury of the Knee

    By on 13/08/2019

    In this summary article by Tim McGrath find out the current best-practices in designing the return-to-sport program following ACL injury. Tim expands on each phase, benchmark tests as well on decision making regarding when the athlete is ready for the next phase or to play.