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  • Nutritional Considerations for Ultra-Endurance Runners

    By on 25/07/2022

    Ultra-endurance sports have been classified by a winning time ≥ 6 hours, however, some authors suggest that any event ≥ 4 hours can be defined as ultra-endurance. Thus, for the purpose of this critical essay, ultra-endurance running performance will be defined as any event ≥ 4 hours or those in excess of a distance of a traditional marathon (>42.2-km).

  • Some thoughts on (intermittent) fasting, aging, cancer, cleansing, spirituality…

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 12/09/2012

    Weird title, right? Well, maybe. Without sounding New Age, and without making you guys think I am finally losing it, I think they are connected in a certain way. When it comes to this topic, people were mostly relying to the case studies and the word of mouth, but lately science is catching up – and it seems that...