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  • Maximising Performance: The Crucial Link between Sleep and Nutrition in Adolescent Athletes

    By on 13/07/2023

    Discover the connection between sleep and nutrition in adolescent athletes in this compelling article by Lorcan Mason. Uncover evidence-based strategies and expert insights to optimize sleep quality and proper nutrition, unlocking the full potential of young athletes. Learn how prioritizing these two essential elements can enhance performance, aid recovery, and promote overall well-being.

  • Nutritional Considerations for Ultra-Endurance Runners

    By on 25/07/2022

    Ultra-endurance sports have been classified by a winning time ≥ 6 hours, however, some authors suggest that any event ≥ 4 hours can be defined as ultra-endurance. Thus, for the purpose of this critical essay, ultra-endurance running performance will be defined as any event ≥ 4 hours or those in excess of a distance of a traditional marathon (>42.2-km).

  • Some thoughts on (intermittent) fasting, aging, cancer, cleansing, spirituality…

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 12/09/2012

    Weird title, right? Well, maybe. Without sounding New Age, and without making you guys think I am finally losing it, I think they are connected in a certain way. When it comes to this topic, people were mostly relying to the case studies and the word of mouth, but lately science is catching up – and it seems that...