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  • Always Stay Critical – Review 6

    By on 06/10/2021

    In this episode, Daniel reviews the importance of training availability on competition outcome by Raysmith et al. (2016) and highlights how we undervalue absence of injury and illness.

  • Always Stay Critical – Review 5

    By on 14/08/2021

    In this episode, Daniel reviews the intensity assessment of plyometrics by Sugisaki et al. (2013) and highlights how little we focus on joint-by-joint demands than prescribing jumping activities.

  • Always Stay Critical – Review 4

    By on 19/07/2021

    In this episode, Daniel reviews the meta-analysis by Elliot et al. (2020) and highlights how little confidence we have in brain-based training. More specifically, this paper shows that fMRI studies, one of our “best” method to check what’s going on in the brain, are not reliable.

  • Always Stay Critical – Review 3

    By on 17/06/2021

    In this episode, Daniel reviews the results by Damas et al. (2019) and highlights how little adaptive certainty we can attribute to distinct resistance training methods. More specifically, this intervention study determined the change in muscle size after different resistance training approaches and highlighted the inherent between-subject variability.

  • Always Stay Critical – Review 2

    By on 29/04/2021

    In this episode, Daniel provides an alternative interpretation for the recent publication by Miller et al. (2020) and what this could imply for training. This cross-sectional study checked how single and multijoint isometric strength and muscle mass are related to sprinting performance, yet what can we infer from cross-sectional observations?

  • Always Stay Critical – Review 1

    By on 24/03/2021

    When comparing groups of people in the way how they move, we first must make sure we do it in a way the acquired data can actually tell us something meaningful. Understanding and acknowledging some pitfalls when designing, conducting, and interpreting the data is crucial to NOT conclude something misleading or wrong.

  • Validity and Repeatability of the YoYoIR1 and 1000TT: Re-analysis of the Clancy et al. paper

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 25/02/2021

    In the following two videos and a PDF report, I am going to re-analyze the paper by Clancy et al. using bootstrap magnitude-based approach (using bmbstats package) and mixed-effects model in R language.

  • Conceptualizing Philosophy in Strength & Conditioning: The Barbell Strategy and Risk

    By on 14/02/2021

    In this article, Adriano outlines Taleb’s Barbell Strategy for Risk in Financial Investment and details how high-performance sport programs may benefit from categorizing the risk potential of individual training elements to safeguard sustainability and promote aggressive growth.

  • My View on Olympic Weightlifting for Athletic Development in Team Sports

    By on 04/11/2020

    Part of the beauty of the Olympic lifts is that they allow the athletes to get ballistic intent in, without actually becoming projectiles themselves. Read more on the subject in the following article.

  • The Integrative Approach to Strength and Conditioning

    By on 21/07/2020

    On reading both early and contemporary research, books and case observations, as well as when attending conference presentations, lectures and consultancies, one is amazed by the diversity of models, theories, philosophies, rationales and approaches to address similar problems.