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“I first came across one of Mladen’s articles on periodization back in 2008 when I was in grad school. Since then I followed Mladen’s work on his website and utilized some of his training spreadsheets. The quality of work Mladen puts out is quite impressive. Mladen has one of the brightest minds in the human performance business.”

John Shackleton
Strength and Conditioning Coach, Villanova Basketball

“I love reading the info on the Complementary Training blog. Mladen has developed an international perspective that few in the world can match. The best info from Europe, North America, and Australia are featured all in one space, Complementary Training website.”

Michael Boyle
Strength and Conditioning Coach

“Complementary Training is a simple idea, but most groundbreaking ideas are. The thought of methods, techniques, and styles as complementary instead of opposition is refreshing. But even more importantly, I’ve found it to be very effective in real life.”

Mike Tuchscherer
Reactive Training Systems

“I absolutely love the Complementary Training blog. It contains a fantastic amount of scientifically valid information and its practical application. From my point of view, one of the best aspects is the critical analysis of both historical and contemporary practice.”

Stuart Cormack
Senior Lecturer – Australian Catholic University

“Mladen’s unique blend of practical strength and conditioning experience and computer know how is what makes his blog a gem. He regularly updates his site with thought provoking material that is highly applicable for strength coaches and sports scientists. I recommend his site and data management tools to anyone working in team sports!”

Dr. Brian Green, PhD, MSPT, ATC, CSCS
Head of Sports Medicine and Performance, USA Rugby

“There are plenty of Sport Science experts in the world and there are even more Excel/Information Management systems experts. There is however, nobody that I have come across who is both – that is until I found Mladen. He has spent years creating and refining Excel tools to support his work with athletes and they are truly world class. If you are a sport scientist or fitness coach and are seeking to be more effective and efficient in your work then following and learning from Mladen is a winning ticket.”

John Lythe
Athlete Systems Developer, New Zealand

“The website name alone represents the true nature of what needs to happen when discussing sport development. Since sport is such a complex entity, the study and discussion of sport must be globally centered. Since 2010, Mladen has developed a great online medium to share theories and applications that are transferrable to the applied side of sport. Now with his new website, I’m selfishly awaiting the forum feature to be able to actively engage in great conversation with some of the best in the field.”

Landon Evans
Strength Coach, Dietitian, Adjunct Lecturer at University of Iowa

“I like the energy of Mladen to challenge a broad range of topics, using both an evidence-based approach and his critical mind in Complementary Training blog”

Martin Buchheit, PhD
Sport Scientist, Physiologist and Strength & Conditioning Coach

“Complementary Training is a must-read website for any strength & conditioning coach, but especially those who work with mixed sports such as field sports (soccer, rugby, NRL, AFL, hockey), court sports (tennis, squash, basketball, ice-hockey), or intermittent short-duration sports (fight sports, surfing, etc.). Do yourself a favor and read it!”

Dan Baker, PhD
ASCA President, Adjunct Lecturer, Edith Cowan University, Master Coach of Elite Athlete Strength & Conditioning (ASCA)