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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Learn Google Sheets

Why Should You Use Google Sheets?

Here Are the Top 6 Reasons For That

You’ve noticed that all, or at least most of S&C coaches, performance analysts, and sports scientists use Google Sheets for various purposes. There is a good reason for that.

Well, not just one, and here, we are highlighting 6 top reasons why this is the No 1 app when it comes to its usefulness among all levels of sports professionals.

  1. It’s Free and You Can Use It On Any Device

    Aside from being free, Google Sheets also lets you use it on any device anywhere. You just need to have a Google account, a device, a connection, and you’re all set.

  2. You Can Share It With Anyone You Like

    People usually already have a Google account, and in case they don’t, it’s pretty easy and free to create one, so sharing becomes practically effortless. All you need to do is create a link and send it to the entire team or a selected number of staff and athletes. Google Sheets will undoubtedly make a co-op process faster, unlike with similar apps like Excel.

  3. It Lets You Collaborate in Real-Time With Other People

    This is significant if a group of people inside a team or organization works towards a single goal. Any kind of document incompatibility is avoided because Google Sheets displays who is working on what part of the document. Therefore the danger of overwriting is eliminated, and further, there is a built-in chat option that additionally encourages communication and teamwork.

  4. It Shows You Full Transparency of Contributions

    A group project often leads to questions such are “who contributed the most?” or “who didn’t contribute enough?” Built-in revision history records and displays all changes made to the document, highlighting it graphically (different colors for each user) and automatically. This way you can track the progress of each and every project, and again, it eliminates the chance of overwriting, so nothing important will be lost.

  5. You Can Use It to Collect and Store Data

    Google Forms, also part of Google Workspace, allows a quick and easy form creation that coaches and other staff members can use to collect information from athletes. Data like sRPE (session rating of perceived exhaustion), wellness, or any other information you might need. Once these forms are filled out, the data can be imported right into a sheet. So by combining these two Google apps you can check training efficiency and conduct overall team evaluations.

  6. It Helps You Visualize Data and Information

    With Google Sheets, you can quickly summarize and visualize different details. It has features that let you create graphs, tables, and charts.

Among these top 6 general reasons, Google Sheets for Sports Science course covers countless ways to master this app as a sports professional, maximizing the time-effort ratio to YOUR advantage.

Who is this course for?

This course is meant for sports scientists, strength and conditioning coaches, performance managers, and anyone looking to master Google Spreadsheets for sports.

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