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Two Interesting Resources

Two Interesting Resources

We have two new resources that I want to give you a heads up about. Please bear in mind that I do not have any financial compensation for promoting these on the blog – I just want to pinpoint to the new work from the authors I trust and follow. Hopefully you will find these helpful

The Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint

This is a video from Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset workshop(s) on shoulder and hip “how to connect the dots between a thorough assessment, understanding what corrective strategies (if any) will work best, and how to build a training program to help you and your clients in the most direct way possible.”

Shoulder and Hip Blueprint

Triphasic Lacrosse Training Manual

This is a book/course from Matt van Dyke on implementing Triphasic approach to Lacrosse training. Starting with the theoretical underpinnings to actually training programs is what makes this resource a must have.

Triphasic Lacrosse

I am a physical preparation coach from Belgrade, Serbia, grew up in Pula, Croatia (which I consider my home town). I was involved in physical preparation of professional, amateur and recreational athletes of various ages in sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, martial arts and tennis. Read More »

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